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When erection problems arise, the man is first surprised, then embarrassed and finally angry. Not being able to satisfy your partner causes severe stress and shame, which makes the situation even worse. Men struggling with such a problem, instead of looking for a solution, move away from their partner, feel fear of another unsuccessful approach, or shift the blame onto their partner.

Formelan is a "two-in-one" product - it strengthens libido, while contributing to the improvement of the size and hardness of the penis during an erection. The selected ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin and stimulate the penis to grow. Studies have shown 96% effectiveness in patients between 20-65 years of age. Importantly, the manufacturer of Formelan gel made sure that the purchase was completely anonymous.

What causes potency problems?

Erection is the ability to get and then keep your penis stiff enough to start and continue intercourse. Research by the Sexual Medicine Society shows that ED is much more common than expected, and the problem is affecting younger and younger people. Lack of an erection is usually caused by low blood flow to the penis or a malfunction of the nerves that control erection. This is due to other conditions such as hardened arteries, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol or diabetes.

It turns out that erectile dysfunction also occurs due to psychological stimuli - lack of self-confidence, stress, shame, etc. In this case, unsuccessful relationships further aggravate the problem, significantly lowering the man's self-esteem.

expert "I had the pleasure of getting to know this product. I decided to analyze its composition and possible impact on the person using it. The results of the analysis were very promising. The use of guarana seed extracts and ginseng, in combination with the appropriate dose of African burdock, gives above-average results. research, confirmed tests that showed that Formelan successfully coped with impaired potency - just a moment after application, most patients noticed a complete elimination of the problem and a decrease in the level of stress before intercourse.Further studies have shown that people regularly using gel completely eliminated the problem - the effectiveness was 89% During the research, 8 people with severe erectile dysfunction were completely eliminated from erectile dysfunction, I am proud that I was able to participate in these tests - I believe it is a milestone in the treatment of impotence and the product can help thousands of men around the world. I think Formelan will not only be sa a separate alternative, but also the most commonly used product recommended by specialists. "

Los Angeles Sexologist George Brown

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

There are many methods of therapy, as well as preparations. However, you need to pay attention to the composition of the products and opinions. There are articles on the Internet that praise testosterone hormone therapy. However, we need to consider whether we want to use a therapy that has a lot of side effects, such as infertility, acne, and even heart disease or prostate cancer.

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It will be much wiser to use a preparation that gives the same or even better effects without causing side effects. Formelan is such a preparation. Many years of research carried out by a team of researchers from Orleans, allowed to improve the formula and create a universal product that allows every man to regain confidence in bed.

Opinions & recommendations
of people who used the supplement

The effectiveness of the product is best illustrated by the opinions of their users and recommendations of specialists. Formelan has been marketed in many countries around the world, and the gel is used by tens of thousands of men. We decided to search the Internet for reviews of the product from people like you, dear reader. We also contacted a specialist so that he could express his opinion on Formelan gel, and on the Internet, medical blogs, forums and social media you can find many opinions of people who have been fully satisfied with Formelan gel with their sex life.

Cured and happy!
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"For as long as I can remember, I have had erectile dysfunction. I tried various preparations ... in vain. Because of this problem, my relationship broke down, and since then I felt stress about relationships. I gave up. My current fiancée persuaded me to fight. Thanks to her, I found the Formelan product and after the first application I had the best night of my life! "

Office manager Alex Müller

What is therapy with Formelan?

The vitamins, minerals and ingredients contained in the product make the penis larger during erection than in the case of previous erections. The formula of Formelan causes a significant stimulation of the penis, and the consistency of the gel facilitates absorption. The ingredients delivered to the body remain in it, acting for a long time. The effects of using the gel are visible immediately, and after a week of regular use, the effect is long-lasting and allows you to forget about the erection problem.

Formelan gel already works at the source of the problem - in the cavernous vessels of the penis, which are first filled with blood. The action of the gel allows them to be oxygenated and protects them against deformation of the walls of blood vessels.

In addition, Formelan supports the activity of appropriate neurons, as well as the nerve vessels that determine the achievement and maintenance of an erection. The preparation immediately increases the intensity of blood flow in the corpus cavernosum, as a result, the veins tighten faster - blood is drained more slowly and erection lasts longer. In addition, the penis remains much more rigid during intercourse.

Effects of regular use of Formelan gel

Formelan is effective from the very first application, but when used regularly, it brings lasting results. First of all, it has a protective effect on blood vessels, prevents the deposition of erectile dysfunction toxins in them. The gel is also recommended for preventive purposes, in the case of smoking and frequent consumption of alcohol - it is one of the most common substances that have a detrimental effect on sexual performance. Regular use of Formelan will allow you to reduce the formation of toxins and normalize the work of blood vessels and cells in the penis and the reproductive system. In addition, a specially composed composition, rich in valuable minerals and vitamins, will support the production of testosterone and other hormones responsible for a proper erection.

What substances were used in the development of the effective composition of Formelan?

In order for the gel to bring the greatest effects, the creators of the product decided to introduce only substances of natural origin into its composition. Thanks to this, the product does not cause side effects and has no contraindications for its use by any age group. The gel can be used for a long time, preserving its effects and enhancing the pleasure of each intercourse.

Each substance has been selected in the right proportions, which in combination with other compounds bring the maximum possible effects. Such a formulation of a recipe has not been found in the pharmaceutical community so far. Formelan contains surprisingly effective organic compounds that bring spectacular results in the fight against sexual dysfunction. It's worth getting to know their most important properties.

Guarana extract
One of the ingredients of Formelan is guarana extract, which in addition to stimulating properties has numerous advantages. First of all, guarana is a plant that has long been used for potency problems - mainly due to the high content of caffeine, which causes partial relaxation of the cochlear arteries of the penis and the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies. Due to this action of caffeine, blood reaches the cells in the reproductive organs much faster. It has been scientifically shown that men who regularly take guarana extract do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, even despite hypertension and unhealthy lifestyle.
Asian ginseng
Asian ginseng extract contained in Formelan gel supports circulation and has an anesthetic effect. In addition, it contains a high amount of ginsenosides - compounds that act like a magnet found in cells, attracting oxygen and hemoglobin to each other. As a result, cells are extremely well oxygenated.
African burdock
African burdock extract, its content in Formelan gel allows it to immediately reach the blood in a specific place. In this way, the African burdock extract works the fastest and most effectively, and when used locally, it immediately cleanses cells and blood vessels. It is usually recommended for men who often use cigarettes and alcohol. All because of the harmful effect of stimulants on the quality of erection - which can be disturbed. When used regularly, burdock extract brings effective and lasting results. It is one of the few substances that has such high cleansing properties and thus enables a significant enhancement of sexual performance.
Mediterranean bark extract
An equally valuable substance used in the composition is the Mediterranean bark extract. It primarily helps to maintain the efficiency of the veins - it removes toxins and harmful cholesterol in them. Thanks to this, blood flow is much more efficient and the work of blood vessels much more efficient. As a result of such action on the circulatory system, the erection process is significantly strengthened.
Citrulline is a bioactive substance of organic origin, which is also found in the Formelan gel. As a result, its content supports the work of the entire body, fights fatigue and improves endurance. In addition, it is an agent that increases libido as well as sensitivity to sexual sensations.
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Is Gel Formelan really effective? Research and expert opinions

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the preparation, a number of studies and observations were carried out. According to them, positive effects were obtained by 79% of the respondents, and 96% expressed their satisfaction with the operation.

Due to the excellent results confirming its effectiveness, Formelan is recommended by the best specialists and the world-famous Infertility Treatment Clinic in New York. In all cases of erection problems, specialists recommend starting Formelan treatment. At present, it is the most frequently recommended agent to combat sexual dysfunction.

Formelan is also recommended for men who want to prolong their erection time. Thanks to it, it is also possible to avoid premature ejaculation and to prevent erectile dysfunction. Due to the specially composed recipe, it is a reliable preparation enhancing the sensations of both partners.

In addition to the properties that restore the sexual ability of men, it can be an ideal alternative to intimate gels, and also become an indispensable part of foreplay for both partners. Unlike other preparations, Formelan can be used regardless of the place and time - in any situation it will bring immediate results without long waiting times. Thanks to this, the stress of sexual intercourse will only be a memory.

FAQ Frequentlty Asked Questions Formelan Gel

The only right decision will be buying through the manufacturer's official website. You place an order at this link:
The original product, straight from the manufacturer Formelan, costs only: 79 EUR Additionally, by ordering directly from the manufacturer, you will receive free delivery.
The product is intended for people struggling with erection problems. Formelan can be used to extend the erection time and improve the hardness of the penis. The product works immediately after application. Additionally, it increases the pleasure of intercourse.
Most of the potency alternatives have a short-term effect and cause side effects. Formelan gel is a tested formula consisting of 4 aphrodisiacs. The agent strengthens the erection and allows you to achieve a full erection for a long time.
For complete satisfaction, apply a small amount of the gel to your intimate areas and wait for the product to fully absorb. Use the gel before each sexual intercourse. Directly in front of it, spread the preparation in an intimate place, gently spreading it. A small amount is enough for the active ingredients contained in it to have an immediate effect. Formelan is safe to use with condoms (when completely absorbed) and sex toys. It can also be used as a lubricant.


This website is for informational purposes only. Nevertheless, the authors of the website made a lot of effort to find out the most important information, descriptions and opinions of people who had contact with the product. Despite the fact that its origins go back to the United States, we have managed to present you with a lot of useful information. Undoubtedly, Formelan sets new trends to tame potency disorders. The use of gels brings a chain of benefits, and people recommending this method owe it to the improvement of their sexual life. It is worth appreciating the hard work of people whose intention is human health. Buy Formelan gel only from official sources , at normal prices and enjoy a healthy body!

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where to buy This is a frequently asked question. This website is for informational purposes only. In order to facilitate the purchase for our readers and to support the gel manufacturer, we have added the "Buy Now" button, after clicking which you will be taken to the manufacturer's website, where you can make a safe purchase. In addition, you will receive free delivery, and frequent promotions give you the opportunity to buy the product at a lower price.

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